Friday, 27 April 2012

Newhaven Fort

Yesterday me, my Mother and sister decided to have a family day out, so we went to Newhaven Fort.
This is one of my favourite local places to go to, it has brilliant exhibitions, lovely tea and cake and a lovely atmosphere.

Me looking glum, i don't know why, i really did have a lovely time!

Wartime Makeup Adverts.

Wartime makeup and cosmetics.

A slip made out of parachute silk.

Wartime Beauty Adverts and Posters.

The Home Front Kitchen.
Wartime Planes.

A street party in Newhaven.

This card reads, ' Love you always my Darling, George xx'.
Wartime Sweethearts getting married.
More  photographs of sweethearts.

 I had a lovely day here and will always love to go back.

Shoes - Peacocks

Everything Else - Charity Shop


  1. What a cool place, I love all the vintage stuff, and I"m obsessed with history. I think I would be there all the time!

    1. It is such an amazing place. Me too, i could just wonder round the Home Front exhibition for hours. x