Saturday, 12 May 2012

A beautiful May day

Today was gorgeous sunny weather so my family and i decided to go to Newhaven Fort once again (we love it). We had lots of fun eating ice creams, drinking tea and walking round my favourite exhibition 'The Home Front'.
Me and my dear Mother also got the thrill, yet somewhat eerie and quite frightening emotions, of sitting in a air raid shelter simulator. It was extremely haunting to think that people had to sit in those horrible places for 8 hours or more. We only experienced 5 minutes and were thankful to walk out.

After Newhaven Fort we went to the park were i totally mortified myself by walking into a fence because i was too busy looking at some very handsome cricket boys.
Even after that traumatic experience i had a wonderful day!

Dress - Charity Shop
Coat - Charity Shop
Shoes - Peacocks
Bag - Primark
Sunglasses - Charity Shop
Bangles - Charity Shop
Ring - Charity Shop
Flowers - Fabric Land

I even did some sun bathing! Which i don't normally do because of my pale skin, but i quite enjoyed it, i still wore factor 35 just to be safe though.

Hope you have all had a lovely Saturday and that you enjoy your Sunday!