Saturday, 21 April 2012

Charity Shop Excursion

A couple of days ago i went to my local and favourite charity shops, which was lovely.
It was also payday, so i bought my first ever piece of furniture, a 1940s dark wood wardrobe. It is absolutely gorgeous and it was only £40! Which i think is a very good deal.
It is being delivered on Tuesday, and yes, i definitely will be taking pictures.

I thought i would also show you these brooches i got on my excursion.
The red rose i think is definitely homemade and i love it.

Shoes - Peacocks
Everything else -Charity Shops

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. I am so excited to meet you!
    Bonjour, bonjour!
    Your clothes are all together lovely. I forgot my love of charity shops. I'm going to start visting them again.

    all my love and smashing kisses,
    Ami x

    1. I am very excited to meet you too!
      Thankyou so much, as are yours.
      They are my favourite places to go and wonder around, i hope you have lovely wonders again.

      Love and kisses to you too,

      Eleanor Kay

  2. Beautiful, I love the way you've done you hair with the little flower :) x

  3. Love your outfit. It suits you so well!