Thursday, 12 April 2012

Queen of the Ocean

Today i saw Titanic: 3D in the cinema, as i was too young to it in the cinema the first time round. It was astounding and emotional! I'm not one for liking modern things much but the 3D really mades you feel like your there.
I cried and laughed and it was lovely.
I also took some pictures of my outfit.

One thing i didn't notice when i was younger, was how stunning Kate Winslet is and how much i want her entire wardrobe.

Coat - Charity Shop
Dress - Charity Shop
Shoes - Charity Shop
Bag - Charity Shop
Paper Flowers - Fabric Land
Fur Collar - Urban Outfitters

Ta, ta for now!


  1. Lovely outfit what fabulous charity shop finds!
    Oh I remember watching titanic years ago, and loved it cried a lot though:) I definitely agree Kate is simply stunning she makes me want to die my hair red and float around in embroidered lace dresses:)

    1. Thankyou! Oh yes, i really do wish she would dye her hair that colour again, simply beautiful. x